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The Comité d'Entreprise for ED Spectacle has created this web site for the convenience of it`s members and friends.

W e will strive to keep it updated and continue to add new content, so check back often.


ED Spectacle is comprised of the Actors/Actresses and performers at theLegend d'Buffalo Bill Dinner Show, Located in Disney Village, at Disneyland, Paris.

What is a Comité d'Entreprise?

An organization made up of elected and appointed representatives of the Company and it's employees, responsible for managing the money allocated by the company to it's employees for their social benefit.

They also have responsibility to watch the financial health of the company, and if need be to call in an outside auditor to verify the company's status to the employees.

Another responsibility is to approve or disapprove changes in the employees work schedule and salary.

Who are these elected and appointed representatives?

The current membership includes:

Patrick Courquet - Secretaire
Mike Lewis - Trésorier
Kevin Kramer-Member Titulaire
Brock Holbrook - Member Suppliant
Shawn Howard -Member Suppliant
Francois Tellier -Member Suppliant
These members will stay in office until the next election.

When is the next election?

October, 2002.

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